Wrist to Waist Bondage Strap

Bind their wrists at their sides and leave them at your mercy with this simple yet effective restraint system. The strap goes around the waist, secures with a Velcro closure, and is adjustable. The wrist cuffs are lined with Neoprene for added comfort. Strong, durable, and stylish, use this fun piece to ensure their hands go only where you want them to. 

Fox Tail Glass Anal Butt Plug

Fox Tail Glass Anal Plug

Get in touch with your inner animal with this ultra sexy fox tail glass anal plug from Frisky. The borosilicate glass features a shiny, elegant orange finish and is slender enough for a beginner yet ample enough to satisfy an experienced user. It features a tapered design with a slender stem for comfort, as well as a flared base for easy retrieval. Attached is a beautifully bushy fox tail that is over 8 inches in length, which feels amazing against your skin. Take a walk on the wild side with the Fox Tail Glass Anal Plug!